Mutsumi Global foods Network Strengths

High Quality

Under the regulation of HACCP, we practice strict hygiene management. In addition, we rely on a technology such as the use of ATP (Organic matter remaining detector) to ensure food safety.

We are a One Stop Solution

We offer a one-stop comprehensive solution thru six services we offer - Raw Material Procurement, Oversea Food Processing, Import/Export, Domestic Food Processing, New Product Development, and Logistics.


We work on your behalf to procure raw materials, new product development, manufacturing, and branding of your product based on your guidelines and what your company values.

Introducing Our Services

  • Procurement of Raw Materials
    In addition to procuring domestically, we have a network of oversea suppliers to procure the fresh, safe, and low cost raw materials you need. By eliminating an middle-men, we are able to supply you an affordable raw material in short turn around time.
  • Oversea Processing Factory
    We have 10 appointed alliance factories in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam and continuously work with them for technical guidance to achieve the Japanese quality processing practices.
  • Import/Export Agent
    Not only do we import the raw materials or final goods from overseas, we export seafood and meat products to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Hong Kong, and Macau via air and ocean cargo in regular basis. We can assist you your export needs.
  • Domestic (Japan) Prosessing
    Safety First is our motto with high standard prosessing services for your products.
  • Products Development(R&D)
    We can help you creat a Private Branding item and offer a OEM solution.
  • Wholesale distribution
    We offer flexible logistics - Smaller lots and loose lots to 24/7 charter deliveries.