Our Factory

HACCP Certified Factory
- We deliver high-quality, hygiene product


HACCP Certification is said to be the most effective food safety and health management system. We deliver safe food from our HACCP Certified Factory.

Factory Overview

Chiba Food Processing Center

427-1, Yachimata, Yachimata City,
Chiba, Japan 289-1115
TEL : +81(0)43-235-8555 FAX : +81(0)43-440-0711

Machinery and equipment

  • Automatic hand wash machine
  • Gargle equipment
  • Air shower
  • Blast freezer
  • Vacuum packaging machine
  • Weight Checker
  • Metal detector
  • Automatic label machine
  • Automatic filling machine
  • Automatic peeler machine
  • Automatic belt conveyor