It suited customer's customer target and peculiar needs.
We make a product proposition good at developing a product.

To cross-examine and associate ask you customer's needs thoroughly, and is a source of our new idea and motive power.

Sliced for Sushi Neta Ikijime blood off snapper

A chilled conveys domestic living end natural snapper in our factory directly from a fishing port, and is a processed ingredient for sushi.
Freezing doesn't break cell membrane and freezes it rapidly using a brine freeze way, so when defrosting, something raw, the taste which doesn't change and the food texture are kept. It's possible to process a domestic raw material as well as snapper like everything.
Snapper (Kyushu), Red snapper (Izu), Grunt (Odawara) and Sea bass (Kyushu) go through trouble in acquisition, and expensive sushi using fresh fish and sashimi, using us, and something typical can stably supply of the raw material cost, the processing and trade data. Customization is possible by the size of the ingredient for sushi and the quantity of course.
Almost no drip also goes out to a brine freeze by a running water thaw, so they're able to reduce the personnel expenses of the site and keep a quality fixedly.

Swordfish marinated with soy sauce

A factory in Bali of our cooperation done first-processed swordfish. Our company is to enter an abuse factory and reconsider arrangements from fish catch to the first processing and transportation, and it's possible to succeed to reduce the freeze number of times remarkably and eat by sashimi.
There is little freeze number of times again, so it's very juicy. Swordfish is imported into Japan in the state of Sashimi-cut, so it's possible to offer it to capture of the barrier, a sashimi trick and a steak cut by the various shapes. After working in us, a brine freeze is applied, so the taste and the food texture are kept fixedly from the import time. Carpaccio oil in addition to soy sauce, dressing and vinegar pickle seasoning liquid and can customize a customer.

Yellowtail marinated with leek soybean paste

Yellowtail sashimi dice cut marinated with our OEM leek soybean paste. Only leek soybean paste is being produced by another line, so it's possible to apply to all trade material. It's possible to sell only leek soybean paste as goods.
Cell membrane isn't broken and it's frozen rapidly using a brine freeze way, so when defrosting, freezing doesn't become watery. Because the food texture of the leek isn't also damaged, the arrangement with another vegetables is also possible by a rapid thaw.
We have a good reputation very much because it can be sold as a dish just as it is.

Salmon, and Swordfish preserved in Konbu Seaweed

A sashimi ingredient for sushi is put with seasoning liquid, after that, preserved in Konbu seaweed.Freezing doesn't break cell membrane and freezes it rapidly using a brine freeze way after seasoning processing, so solution.
Something raw, the taste which doesn't change and the food texture.
In-flight meals and nursing foods are the goods of which eating raw can expect utilization in the prohibited field.
It's possible to produce other trade material as well as salmon and swordfish. The In-flight meals which is several at present already.

Seafood slice processing with the special shape

Of the size which becomes 3cmx5cm after baked processing, the size which becomes 35g after baked processing and 2cmx15cm stick-type of salmon, cutting triangle Greenland halibut, etc.
which are in an in-flight meal, a box lunch food and a special meal, the durability.
I'll handle slice processing of seafood with the special shape that you can be here.It seems to be the shape that you catch the percentage of water retention feature of other ones by which the ingredients keep and are hoping after cooking processing and the size.
The cost it's also tied with raising the yield rate to calculate closely.

Fresh fish and Wagyu (Japanese beef) Export to overseas

Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and United States In each country.
Fresh fish and Japanese beef (Wagyu) are exported.
The stage of the fish catch offers information to fresh fish centering on Tsukiji, and it's shared from the landing situation, customer.
The situation of the fish put in is shared by the time on and stocking is performed.
I'll ask you processing a customer likes about Japanese beef, and it's processed in a designated factory for you. We go out and also carry all trade processing. I'll offer you the Japanese ingredients by the world level, we will build a new suggestion every day.

The photograph is a product development scene in Singapore six star hotel Capella Hotel Singapore ( We perform development, processing and export of PB products to export destinations for customers.