About This Website

When you use our website, you need to make sure the following contents, and you will deemed to have our consent.
The contents might be subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

1. Prohibitions

Act of infringement to the Company or third party property or privacy, the act of giving a disadvantage or damage to the Company or third party, and other acts that violate the law, will be prohibited. In addition, we will also not forbid regard act that the Company deems inappropriate.

2. Trademark and Copyright

The information ,image, etc. that has been posted on our website are protected by the Company's copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights. When you browse our website, you are compliant to the laws and regulations related to any copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights. It is not possible to use the information, image, etc. that our website is provided without permission.

3. Disclaimer

When we post information to our website, we pay close attention to it, but we are not guarantee about the accuracy, validity and currency.
Regardless of what other due to conduct on the contract and illegal activities such as negligence, we do not take any responsibility about any other kinds of loss on the use that occurred in the access to our website, direct or indirect data loss ,profit loss and consequential damages.

4. Recommended Environment

Recommended Browser

Browsing of our website operates in the following environments.

If you are using a Microsoft® Windows®
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If you are using a Macintosh®
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If you want to browse in addition to the above recommended environment, the layout may not be displayed correctly.

Required plug-ins

Adobe® Reader®
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In order to get more conveniently available on our website, we use JavaScript. In the setting of your browser, if you have set a JavaScript to OFF (disabled), there is a case where a part of the function or content of our website does not work properly. When you browse our website, please set a JavaScript to ON (enabled).

5. Handling of Link

You can see the links of other websites on our website, but this is for convenience. It is your responsibility to use them. We do not guarantee about the contents of these websites. In addition,when you see links from third-party websites to our website, we do not guarantee about the contents of these websites, too.
Before you link to our website, please contact us.

6. Operation of Website

The Company changes and deletes information on our website at any time. In addition, when the Company wants to close our website, the Company suspends or discontinues the operation of our website itself. The Company does not take the responsibility to revise the contents of our website in order to make the information on our website be always accurate.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Interpretation and application of terms and conditions of our website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, for all disputes related to your use of our website, the Tokyo District Court will do the first trial of exclusive jurisdiction.

8. About Cookie

When you visit our website again, we may use a technology called "cookies (Cookie)" in order to provide better service. First, when you visit our website first, and then we send the identification tag called a Cookie to your browser. When you visit our website again, the identification tag will be able to know that it is the same user. Therefore, as long as you do not enter personal information on our website, it is not possible to identify an individual. You will remain anonymous. In addition, you can deny the receipt of this Cookie on your own browser.

9. About SSL Security

When we get the personal information from our website, It is possible for you to safely send personal information by using the encryption (SSL).